Thursday, March 15, 2007

Something Different

I have been having some fun creating some paintings that are a bit different to my usual stuff. I've been using a lot of collage bits and pieces and have added some little houses into the mix.

The top one is called "The Search for Intelligent Life" about some flowers that come to life at night when the owners of their garden are asleep and join together in their search for aliens.

The second one is called "Sleepy Little Town" and it's my dream town- with little houses with wood fires going and big strange flowers growing everywhere. So cosy.

These will be in my shop along with a few others this weekend hopefully.


artandghosts said...

i adore these works!
and the little stories attached to them, just beautiful!

esta sketch said...

these are great! you have such a beautiful style.

Julie adore said...

I adore your tables! they are very stylish!

sonja said...

Oooh, I just stumbled across your blog and these are such gorgeous paintings! I do a lot of collage myself, and I really love that you can see the newspapery elements in these works. Beautiful stuff!