Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New books to look at!

2 new books arrived in the mail today and I'm so excited because they have taken a few weeks getting here and I have been hanging out for them! My favourite is this one. Japanese Children's Fabrics. Full of japanese cuteness! It is so lovely to look through and be inspired by.

I have always loved Japanese fabrics so I love this book! I'm getting married in september and I'm having Japanese fabric in my dress I love it so much. And then to top it off Luke and I are going to Japan for the honeymoon. So we have been submerging ourselves in anything to do with Japan at the moment. I have been eyeing this book off since long before we decided on that though. At the opening of the gallery of modern art in brisbane I saw it, but it was $80 so I decided against it, only too see it on amazons for a lot cheaper, so now I have it!

I won't get a chance til the weekend to properly peruse it but I am looking forward to it. I am thinking I will make this weekend a nothing weekend so I can catch up on everything.