Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dangly DooDads

I wanted to make some small, more ornamental pieces so I had a bit of fun making these little mini pieces.

They are each about 2.5" square and I used some beads I got for Christmas to thread onto the bottom of them. I've called them tiny danglers. I love surrounding my work area with cute little things as motivation and decoration, so I am hoping that's what these will be for other people. Any feedback would be great at this point.
I am going to put some up in my shop soon.

I am having fun trying a lot of new styles and things at the moment and I will post some of the results here as they come.

There is an electrical storm going on as I write this and I'm so excited because it means rain!!! The more rain the better. It also means my plants get a water and it also means I have an exciting outlook from my couch. If only it was friday it would be perfect! oh well. one more day til the weekend!


Amanda said...

I am a real fan of your work. I've put you in my revolving (guess the theme) treasury a few times today. Your work has had a comment or two as well. Love the danglies!

Attack of the Vintage said...

Love your work!! So whimsicle it makes me smile and wish it was warm outside so I can go frolic in the garden myself!!

Alma B said...

Thanks so much for your feedback- it is so good to hear another person's perspective.

'attack of vintaqe' your comment made me smile a lot- thankyou so much.

Steph said...

These are adorable. They would look so great in my daughter's bedroom.